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Question: Can a short-term dental assistant training course teach you what longer term schools do, in less time?

Answer: Yes!

The VIP Dental Assistant Training course has been condensed into just eleven consecutive weeks, one day a week (usually a Saturday). We have carefully selected the appropriate chapters and pages from a full college course textbook. All key skills for an entry-level Dental Assistant are covered and re-enforced by hands-on labs.

Our finely-tuned course is designed to put Dental Assistants to work as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of their learning experience and level of expertise.  Dental Assisting is a very hands-on position, this course will provide extensive hands-on training, including student study computers, self-study exercises, and related learning games.  Depending upon the location, some may provide practice facilities during the week, for those that can take advantage of weekday studies.

Hiring dentists will have expectations of basic skills for an entry-level assistant.  However, they expect to teach the particulars of their dental procedures to their assistants. It is the fundamental skills that they will expect their assistants to have when they are hired.  These are the skills that we focus on and teach our students.

A good portion of our students have jobs committed by the time they complete our course.  Most of our graduates will have been working in the field, building their expertise, several months before they would have completed a long-term course.  Bottom line is: we have clearly demonstrated that individuals don’t need to spend several months and thousands more in tuition to become very successful dental assistants.

Learn a great and very rewarding career, and have a lot of fun doing it!

What Students Are Saying

I felt the class was very well planned out with great instructors who taught the material very well.

Jennifer K