Dental Assistant Courses Overview

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VIP Dental Assistant Course Outline

The following topics are thoroughly covered during the dental assistant courses in VIP Dental Training’s exclusive 11-week short term course.

  1. Introduction to the Dental Profession
  2. Oral Health & Nutrition
  3. Head & Neck Anatomy
  4. Histology
  5. Tooth Morphology
  6. Dental Charting
  7. Microbiology
  8. Infection Control
  9. Management of Hazardous Materials
  10. Preparation for Patient Care
  11. Emergency Management
  12. Chairside Assisting
  13. Instruments & Tray Systems
  14. Anesthesia & Sedation, Pharmacology
  15. Restorative Materials, Dental Dams & Wedges
  16. Dental Radiography (X-Rays)
  17. Laboratory Materials & Techniques
  18. Advanced Chairside Functions
  19. Dental Specialties
  20. Employment Strategies
  21. Ethics & Jurisprudence

Once you’ve successfully completed our course, VIP Dental Training will help promote you with your resume and your completion certificate, to dental practices in the location of your choice.

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What Students Are Saying

I felt the class was very well planned out with great instructors who taught the material very well.

Jennifer K