Dental Assistant Externship

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Externship Participation Program

This course recommends at least 40 hours of dental assistant externships.  Externship hours are a personal commitment of the student’s time for which our school has no control.  There is no question that performing externships result in job placement.  Oftentimes the dentist evaluating our externs will recommend contacting a colleague who currently is seeking an assistant.

The externship is intended to further qualify the student training and to provide exposure to the actual working environment.  The student will have the opportunity to participate in the externship program, on a day by day basis, in multiple dental practices to provide some exposure to the various dental specialties.  The externship program will become available after the sixth week of the Dental Assisting course is completed.  A list of participating practices will be provided for the students to choose from, or they may choose other Dental practices if desired.  Students may choose days and specialties in which to participate any time after the initial six weeks is completed, or if more convenient, the externship hours may be performed after the completion of the entire classroom course.  Externship availability is entirely dependent upon participating practice availability and schedules.

Many students have been hired as a direct result of externships.  We recommend at least 40 hours of externships, but highly recommend 100 to 150 hours if not yet employed.  Our recommendation is to continue doing them, as time permits, until a position is secured.  Hours of externships on resumes are very important.  The more, the better, as externship hours equate to experience.  Also, externships can be considered working interviews in the right place at the right time.  Always consider them as interviews.

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